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Welcome to Lesvos.net!

"Lesvos.net" came as a labor of love, and it was made to serve as a communication bridge for Lesvos people all over the world. At the same time, it is a complete and nice informative guide for those who are interested in our island or wish to visit it.

Aside from the historical, geographical and folkloric elements, will find also registrations, selected with base the high quality of offered services. Through "Lesvos.net" someone can attempt a visit to Lesvos island of Greece and travel around the picturesque villages and the beautiful, sun -drenched coastlines.

Villages built on plains or rocks and others near the coast, full of smells and sounds of the fresh wind and the deep blue sea of the Aegean, hugging around the island. Lesvos is a hospitable island; and his residents polite and peaceful, ready tο welcome with love and kindness the new visitors.

From here we recommend you some carefully selected tourist services and we propose to you:

-The best places that you can visit (villages, beaches, museums, monasteries, castles),
-The best and comfortable places to stay (hotels, apartments, rooms to let),
-The best and faster way for your travel and the way to explore e
ach corner of the island. (renting of cars, motorbikes, bicycles, but also boats).

In the island there are many beautiful and clean sandy and pebbly beaches where you can enjoy your bathe with your family and friends or by yourself in a more isolated coast.  Moreover, there are many good places to visit, villages with historic monasteries, castles and, many other opportunities. For you, who like sports; you can join sailing or climbing.
Especially in the summertime the weather, often, is windy and under these circumstances you can find your self in one of the islands' beaches and do sailing and wind -surfing. At the end of the day you can have a good time to nightclubs, restaurants and cafeterias of the island, enjoying your drink with music and good company.

All this is made with love and enthusiasm by a team of young people, that are residents of island, but also from others, who had visited Lesvos and we are concerned about the island, where, according to traditions. All together we have worked to offer you, who are interested in Lesvos and those who want to visit it, a complete and elegant informative guide.

You are welcome and we wish you to have a nice time and good memories from your vacations in Lesvos.
The "Lesvos.net" team.

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